Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill 100g

This D.R. Harris shaving soap refill is to be paired with the Marlborough Shaving Soap Bowl made from mahogany wood. This triple-milled solid white soap is produced in London England and is made of the highest quality.

DR Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill

  • DR Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill


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The D.R. Harris shaving soap refill produces a slick, creamy lather for optimal protection from irritation commonly caused by shaving. With a complex woodsy scent that is never overpowering, and the moisturizing qualities of this shaving soap, you will always have something to look forward to for your next shave.


Masculine woodsy scent

Suitable for all skin types

Provides a slick, creamy lather for protection


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  1. A fantastic soap Review by Brian

    I tend to prefer softer, artisan made shaving soaps, but D.R. Harris soaps are undeniably among the best soaps on the market. This is a very hard soap that is incredibly easy to lather (moreso than the cream). After a few swirls of your brush, the lather just starts to explode. It's thick, rich, creamy and incredibly slick. It's almost impossible not to get a great lather from this soap. Although it may be slightly more expensive than other soaps on the market, it lasts a very long time. I would not be surprised if you could get a year (or more) of shaves out of this soap if you used it everyday. The scent is very strong and masculine. It's rich, earthy and woody. The wooden bowl is very classy and holds the soap perfectly, and is well sealed so it will not warp when wet. However, if you want to try this soap and save a little money, just go for the refill puck. It's the same soap at about half the price. (Posted on 8/12/2014)

  2. Doesn't smell like the cream Review by Pete

    This soap does not smell like the cream but is very enjoyable. Subtle masculine scent. Loads easily on the brush and produces a lot of rich creamy lather. Never disappoints. I just don't understand why the soap and cream would have different scents. (Posted on 8/12/2014)

  3. Awesome soap Review by Adam

    This is by far the best and most unique smelling DR Harris soap there is! This is actually a soap puck inside the wooden bowl, not a cream so please read the description. It has a really earthy smell that your nose may not lock at first, but definitely grows on you. DRH soaps just explode with lather and are well worth the price. After months of use your puck looks as if nothing has even happened to it. Go for it! (Posted on 8/9/2014)

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