Hair Styling Products for Men

Why should women have all the fun? Sometimes men want to turn heads with a funky, decadent, classy, avant-garde, or postmodern hair style as well. For men who like to work hard and play hard, Luxury Barber has a plethora of hair styling products for men for any occasion. For instance, we currently carry proof hair wax and proof hair pomade, as well as clay stylers, clutch play texturizing gunk, men’s volume creams, spray conditioners, slush fund styling mud, professional hair putty, professional hair toffee, ruckus forming cream, ocean mist professional hair care products, high gloss coat shine oils, and more. We also provide a bevy of firm hold gels, cool medium gels, featherweight hair pomades, and matt clays for a wholly customized hair style. Moreover, we only carry men’s hair styling products from the most reputable men’s hair styling brands, including JS Sloane, Uppercut, Admiral Supply, Hairbond, and High Life.

Understandably, choosing the right hair style for you can prove difficult at times. Fortunately, our comprehensive “mancave” blog section is dedicated to men’s hair care, men’s skin care, and men’s lifestyle tips, so feel free to get messy and make mistakes until you find the hairdo that’s just right for you.

60 PROOF Hair Wax
60 PROOF Hair Wax by Blind Barber
90 PROOF Hair Pomade
90 PROOF Hair Pomade by Blind Barber
Allspice by Dr. Rubin's
Batch 36
Batch 36 by Dr. Rubin's
Cement Hair Clay
Cement Hair Clay by Layrite
Cherry Larry
Cherry Larry by Dr. Rubin's
Clay Styler
Clay Styler by TowelDry
CLUTCH PLAY Gunk by Billy Jealousy
Copper by Dr. Rubin's
Creme Styler
Creme Styler by TowelDry
Deluxe Pomade
Deluxe Pomade by UpperCut
Featherweight Hair Pomade
Featherweight Hair Pomade by UpperCut
Firm Hold Gel Styler
Firm Hold Gel Styler by TowelDry
Firm Hold Pomade
Firm Hold Pomade by TowelDry
Grooming Spray
Grooming Spray by Layrite
Hair Chocolate
Hair Chocolate by Dr. Rubin's
Heavy Pomade
Heavy Pomade by High Life
Light Pomade
Light Pomade by High Life
Lightweight pomade
Lightweight pomade by JS Sloane
Lite Pomade
Lite Pomade by Dr. Rubin's
Matt Clay
Matt Clay by UpperCut
Medium Pomade
Medium Pomade by High Life
Mid Styler
Mid Styler by TowelDry
Monster Hold
Monster Hold by UpperCut
Morning Roast
Morning Roast by Dr. Rubin's
Mustache Wax
Mustache Wax by High Life
Original by Dr. Rubin's
Original Pomade
Original Pomade by Layrite
PASTE Sculpt Friction
PASTE Sculpt Friction by Billy Jealousy
Paste Styler
Paste Styler by TowelDry
POMADE Lunatic Fringe
POMADE Lunatic Fringe by Billy Jealousy

Regular Price $16.00

Special Price $12.99

Sharp Style Pomade
Sharp Style Pomade by Game Day
Smoke Stack
Smoke Stack by Dr. Rubin's
Spray Conditioner
Spray Conditioner by TowelDry
Spray Styler
Spray Styler by TowelDry
STAY GOLD Pomade by Suavecito
Super Hold Pomade
Super Hold Pomade by Layrite
Super Shine
Super Shine by Layrite
The Comb
The Comb by Luxury Barber
Ultra Shine
Ultra Shine by Dr. Rubin's
Volume Cream
Volume Cream by Sachajuan
Voodoo Brew
Voodoo Brew by High Life
Voodoo Island
Voodoo Island by High Life
Water-based Pomade
Water-based Pomade by High Life
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