While some men choose not to use men’s aftershave products, due to financial and/or time constraints, the use of aftershave has numerous benefits. At Luxury Barber, we provide several different aftershave products that not only reduce or eliminate skin irritation via astringent catalysts but that also contain antiseptics-such as stearate citrate and denatured alcohol to prevent abrasion induced infections. In addition, we also provide aftershave products for men that numb damaged skin using menthol, and carry everything from aftershave creams, aftershave oils, aftershave balms, alcohol based aftershave, and alum block, to aftershave moisturizing lotion, aftershave tonics, alcohol free aftershave, and aftershave hydrators. In regards to aftershave brands, we currently provide aftershave products made by Suavecito, Soap Commander, Fine, JS Sloane, Captain’s Choice, Pre De Provence, Proraso, Razor MD, Baxter of California, Dreadnought, Eshave, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Billy Jealousy, Blind Barber, Menaji, Game Day, Castle Forbes, D.R. Harris, and The Gentlemen’s Refinery. Take advantage of our aftershave price range, brand, position, name, and aftershave rating filter to find an aftershave that caters to your unique skin type and personal preferences.

Aftershave Balm Aftershave Oil Alcohol Free Alcohol Based Mentholated

Aftershave/Hydrator by Menaji
Al Fin Cologne
Al Fin Cologne by Phoenix
Alum Block
Alum Block by Edwin Jagger
Alum Block
Alum Block by êShave
Alum Stick
Alum Stick by Razorock
Bay Rum Aftershave
Bay Rum Aftershave by Layrite
Bay Rum Balm
Bay Rum Balm by Barberry Coast
Bay Rum Cologne
Bay Rum Cologne by Phoenix
CaD Aftershave Cologne
CaD Aftershave Cologne by Phoenix
CaD Tonic
CaD Tonic by Phoenix
Cavendish Cologne
Cavendish Cologne by Phoenix
Cinder Aftershave Oil
Cinder Aftershave Oil by The Blades Grim
Clean Vetiver Aftershave
Clean Vetiver Aftershave by Fine
Cold Spices Cologne
Cold Spices Cologne by Phoenix
Fresh Vetiver Aftershave
Fresh Vetiver Aftershave by Fine
Gondolier Aftershave Tonic
Gondolier Aftershave Tonic by Phoenix
Gondolier Cologne
Gondolier Cologne by Phoenix
Green Vetiver Aftershave Splash
Green Vetiver Aftershave Splash by Fine
INTEGRITY Aftershave Balm
INTEGRITY Aftershave Balm by Soap Commander

Regular Price $12.00

Special Price $10.00

Jermyn Street Luxury Aftershave Cream - Sensitive skin
Jermyn Street Luxury Aftershave Cream - Sensitive skin by Taylor of Old Bond Street

Regular Price $27.00

Special Price $20.00

L'Orange Noir Aftershave
L'Orange Noir Aftershave by Fine
Organic Aftershave Balm
Organic Aftershave Balm by Muhle
POST SHAVE BALM by Dreadnought
Snake Bite Aftershave
Snake Bite Aftershave by Fine
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