Pre Shave Products

While the density of hair growth, hair thickness, and skin-type (i.e., normal, oily, combination, acne prone, dry) will determine the amount, type, and effectiveness of pre-shaving methods, it is imperative that men take the necessary pre-shave precautions to ensure a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. Our pre-shave products combine a multitude of benevolent and effective ingredients that possess hypoallergenic, antioxidant, antiseptic, and anti-aging properties, for a comprehensive pre-shaving experience. From pre-shave oils, pre-shave creams, and pre-shave exfoliants, to alcohol free pre-shave products, alcohol based pre-shave products, and mentholated pre-shave products, Luxury Barber carries a bevy of pre-shave products for men from all walks of life. In addition, we also provide pre-shave serums and pre-shave scrubs that are designed to soften and lift hair shafts for a smooth, clean-cut shave. Hence, whether you are using a double edged razor blade, a safety razor, or an electric razor, we have a pre-shave product catered to your unique pre-shaving needs. Choose from a multitude of pre-shaving brands, including Kyoku, Proraso, Edwin Jagger, Eshave, Game Day, and Razor MD to find the right product for you.

Preshave OilAlcohol Free Alcohol BasedMentholated Exfoliant

Cinder Pre-Shave Oil
Cinder Pre-Shave Oil by The Blades Grim
Pre Barba Gel
Pre Barba Gel by Razorock
Pre Shave Oil Cucumber
Pre Shave Oil Cucumber by êShave

Regular Price $22.00

Special Price $19.99

Pre Shave Oil White Tea
Pre Shave Oil White Tea by êShave
PRE-SHAVE Invigorating Scrub
PRE-SHAVE Invigorating Scrub by Game Day

Regular Price $22.75

Special Price $18.75

Pre-shave Oil
Pre-shave Oil by Beaver Woodwright
RX PRE-SHAVE OIL Sandalwood by Razor MD
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