Double Edge Razor Blades

Do you consider yourself a traditionalist? Then we’ve got you covered...literally. Luxury Barber takes pride in providing superlative razor blades for men who like a close shave, minus the trimmings. Our broad range of men’s razor blades ensure that both shaving neophytes and shaving experts will find a razor blade that’s right for them. We also carry a plethora of razor blade pack sizes and razor blade brands for those interested in experimenting with different double edged razor blades; including Shark, Astra, Lord, Croma Diamond, and Gillette. In addition, most of our men’s razor blades include free shipping, and you can find the ideal razor blade for your skin using our razor blade brand, razor blade price, razor blade range, razor blade position, razor blade rating, and razor blade name filters. From stainless steel razor blades and double edged razor blades, to feather razor blades, and superior platinum razor blades, Luxury Barber will help you find the perfect razor blade for you. For a comprehensive razor blade safety guide, please take a look at our blog section. We recommend you also have a look at our Double Edge Safety Razor Guide in our blog section.

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