Safety Razors

With a wide selection of safety razors for men to choose from, selecting the best safety razor for you can prove an arduous task. At Luxury Barber, we understand that choosing a quality safety razor that doesn’t compromise quality can prove challenging, and, as such, we provide a diverse array of safety razors that cater to the unique needs of our broad client base. In other words, whether you prefer a long handle safety razor or a short handle safety razor, or a straight razor over a double edged safety razor, we have exactly what you’re looking for. One constant, however, is that our men’s safety razors can swiftly and efficiently remove even the most rugged and copious amounts of facial hair, while diminishing in-grown hairs, and reducing nicks and cuts. What’s more, we carry many distinguished safety razor brands, including Muhle, Edwin Jagger, Baxter of California, and Merkur, and we provide straight razors and cartridge razors, in addition to shavettes, and double edged safety razors. We recommend you also have a look at our Double Edge Safety Razor Guide in our blog section.

Double Edge Safety Razor Shavette Cartridge Razor

Double Edge 86RC14B
Double Edge 86RC14B by Edwin Jagger
MACH 3 Razor
MACH 3 Razor by Dreadnought
SPARTAN Double Edge Razor
SPARTAN Double Edge Razor by Dreadnought

Regular Price $80.00

Special Price $70.00

Superlite Slant Razor
Superlite Slant Razor by Fine
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