Shaving Brushes

Luxury Barber is committed to providing our customers with the best shaving brushes that money can buy. Whether you have coarse or sensitive skin, our wide array of shaving brushes for men will help you shave with unrivalled comfort and style. We have also categorized our men’s shaving brushes according to knot sizes, lofts, and heights, and carry a myriad of different shaving brush brands; including, Simpsons, Edwin Jagger, Baxter of California, Kent, WSP, Omega, The Blade Grim, and Vie-Long. Furthermore, we only provide shaving brushes made with premium quality hair-including horse hair, pure badger hair, silvertip, boar hair, and even synthetic hair. Enjoy shaving with the perfect soap or cream lather with our wide selection of top-grade shaving brushes for men. From luxury to economy, we will help you chose a shaving brush that caters to your unique shaving needs. Luxury Barber blog has a dedicated section Art of Shaving for shave tips and beginner's shaving guides.

Badger Hair Boar Hair Synthetic Hair Horse Hair

12705 Shaving Brush
12705 Shaving Brush by Vie-Long
BK12 Shaving Brush
BK12 Shaving Brush by Kent
BK8 Shaving Brush
BK8 Shaving Brush by Kent
BLK4 Shaving Brush
BLK4 Shaving Brush by Kent
BLK8 Shaving Brush
BLK8 Shaving Brush by Kent
Boar Bristle Shaving Brush
Boar Bristle Shaving Brush by WSP

Regular Price $15.99

Special Price $9.95

H8 Shaving Brush
H8 Shaving Brush by Kent
Luxury Barber Synthetic Shaving Brush
Luxury Barber Synthetic Shaving Brush by Luxury Barber

Regular Price $49.95

Special Price $30.00

Nr. 31 M20 TRAVEL BRUSH by Muhle
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