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The Luxury Barber Shavette

by Luxury Barber

Once you’ve mastered your technique with the traditional double edge safety razor, it’s time to try out this Luxury Barber shavette. Made with a stainless steel finish, this Luxury Barber Shavette sits comfortably in the hand and is elegantly marked with the Luxury Barber logo.

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Made with three rivets to hold the handle in place this Luxury Barber Shavette is not only durable but it can also be paired perfectly with the German made stainless steel Croma blades. With the blade still in the paper simply break it or cut it in half length-wise and secure it in the shavette. Once the blade is secure enjoy a quality shave with this Luxury Barber Shavette.


Three rivet handle for durability

Stainless Steel finish

Comfortable handle

Fit’s any DE safety blade

  1. Total Luxury Review by Jeffery Windle

    After years of using a traditional double edge safety razor I really wanted to try something different. This shavette is perfect for me. It’s a Luxury Barber brand so I know it’s a good quality product and going to last me a long time. The fact that it can be used with such a wide range of blades makes it really convenient too. (Posted on 4/27/2015)

  2. better than the parker Review by drew

    I find this to feel much sturdier than the Parker SR1 shavette which can be had for the same price. I wish I had purchased this and not the latter. Solid folding mechanism and scales, good blade retention, Good value. (Posted on 2/25/2015)

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