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Beard Balm

by Beard Balm

Looking for a way to grow that beard? Easy, try Beard Balm made by Balm Beard. This all natural leave in conditioner for beards is an environmentally friendly facial product, with the ability to help that hair thrive.

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Size: 1.5 oz
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Created in Detroit, MI, Beard Balm is both the company and the product name, and a natural way to grow an epic beard. This conditioner naturally moisturizes and nourishes hair, getting rid of that pesky frizz and those harmful split ends. Through ingredients like grape seed and coconut oil along with beeswax and lanolin, Balm Beard stops dryness in its tracks and brings out that natural shimmer. A guaranteed way to lengthen those whiskers, this leave-in conditioner is great for before and after washing, making it an easy battle the scruff while leaving skin healthy and smooth. The invigorating original scent is a combination of lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf and geranium flower, only adding to the overall healthy ingredients. Styling is a piece of cake with the help of this product and reduction of dandruff will make you wish you discovered it sooner. Apply Beard Balm by using a dab of product and working it into the hair. Using it before or after a wash is beneficial, but any other time is great as well.


-         Moisturizes and nourishes hair and skin.

-         Stops split ends, dryness, tangles and frizz.

-         Softens and shines your Beard.



Grape seed oil (source: Italy), Coconut Oil (source: Sri Lanka. Organic, Fair Trade for Life), Lanolin (source: USA), Beeswax (source: USA), Lemon Oil (source: Italy), Eucalyptus Oil (source: China), Geranium oil (source: Egypt).

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