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Take care of hair with Beard Balm’s Naked, a leave in conditioner, offering the benefits of their original scent Beard Balm option but no added fragrance. Soften those bristles with product’s ability to dampen the fuzz and tame even the craziest stray strands. Only the best products are suitable for your face and Beard Balm is the product you are looking for.

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Beard Balm’s all natural leave in beard conditioner called Naked is another all natural product similar to the original Beard Balm, but without the added fragrance. Minus the essential oils, Beard Balm Naked is for men who want to break the daily shaving ritual and add a little extra softness to the scruff. To use the product, rub a small amount between the fingers before rubbing into the beard before or after the wash. Not to be confused with an oil, Naked is a lighter balm that softens dry hair and smooths the irritated skin. Much like the original, this product is great for holding those stray hairs and if how much you use is a worry, don’t fret. A little goes a long way with these products. Remember, this Detroit product was made by guys with beards like you and they only want the best for all those beards out there.


-         Softens and moisturizes hair.

-         Relieves dry, itchy skin.

-         Prevents split ends.

-         Reduces patchiness


Ingredients: Grape seed oil (source: Italy), Coconut Oil (source: Sri Lanka. Organic, Fair Trade for Life), Lanolin (source: USA), Beeswax (source: USA)

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