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Aladdin's Spice Aftershave

by Beaver Woodwright

The Aladdin shaving balms from Beaver Woodwright is made up of a mixture of orange, myrrh, ginger, cinnamon and cloves to create that desired relief after shaving. After shaving, the skin pores open up and irritation may also occur. The Aladdin spice provides that soothing relief and an amazing smell at the same time.

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This amazing product comes in a handmade glass pump which is black in color. The lotion should be pumped by hand from the bottle in small batches. The Aladdin aftershave is designed to cool and calm your skin after you shave. It contains the right amount of vitamin E and Neem oil to cool and sooth the shaved skin. After shaving your skin, wash off and dry the shaved area. Pump the Aladdin spice lotion in small batches on your palm and rub it on the skin. Do this twice or thrice until you feel that your skin is moisturized and cool.



Some of the benefits of using Aladdin’s spice lotion include:


  • The Aladdin’s lotion provides that shaving relief. It is usual to get razor burns, cuts or even irritation as a result of shaving.

  •  You definitely boost your confidence when using this amazing aftershave lotion. Confidence is gained as a result of becoming more attractive.

  • When using this product, you are guaranteed a healthy looking skin free from acne and bacterial infections.

Ingredients: Water, dimethicone,, stearic acid, chamomile, lavender, sage and witch

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