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Black Beard Shave Soap

by Beaver Woodwright

This Black Beard Shave Soap is all about the spices! Formulated with allspice, capers, cloves and nutmeg, you are sure to enjoy this manly smell with an invigorating feeling.

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Notes of pine needles and a dash of patchouli and vanilla give you the deep, crisp smell and feeling you want in an incredible shave soap. These ingredients work to prepare the beard for a close shave by lifting your facial hair to get to the root of the follicle. Black Beard will leave your skin soft and irritation free every time.


  • Formulated with crisp pine needles, patchouli and vanilla

  • Will give you a close, irritation-free shave

  • Capers, cloves and nutmeg give a deep, aromatic smell




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