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Castaway Aftershave

by Beaver Woodwright

Cast away shaving balm gives you that kayak navigation smell through icy waters. It has that tall grass and soft age combination to make that great outdoor fragrance. This beaver Woodwright aftershave balm is casual enough not to overwhelm the senses. Cast away has been made to sooth the skin and also restores moisture especially for the dry skin.

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Size: 4 oz
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This product from Beaver Woodwright is dermatologist recommended for use on different types of skin. It has been proven to provide moisture for over 24 hours. Cast Away instantly calms and soothes the skin so as to avoid irritation and razor burns. After using cast away shaving balm, you are guaranteed not to get that greasy feeling which is experienced by most men when using other aftershave products. After applying it on the shaved skin, you are left with that clean fragrance with a hint of pepper and lime.



  • This amazing product from beaver Woodwright has the necessary ingredients needed to revitalize and moisturize the skin. It eventually leaves the skin in a healthy state because it contains vitamin C.

  • Cast away also soothes the skin after shaving. Many men experience irritation and burns which may leave you feeling uncomfortable if not taken care of.

  • The aftershave balm leaves you with a great fragrance which gives out a good impression of how hygienic you are.


Ingredients: Water, dimethicone,, stearic acid, chamomile, lavender, sage and witch hazel, aloe Vera, hemp oil, vitamin E propylene, glycol and avocado oil,

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