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Castaway Shave Soap

by Beaver Woodwright

Beaver Woodwright’s Cast Away Shave Cream Is infused with tall grasses and soft sage giving you a refreshing earthy scent that is fresh and clean.

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Formulated with a hint of pepper and lime, this shave cream balances spicy and fresh in one product. Beaver Woodwright is known for their quality products and this after shave is no exception. Lather a small amount onto your stubble or beard and your hair will be lifted from the follicle for an ultimately close shave with your favorite razor. Your skin will then be completely free of irritation, cuts and razor burns to reveal clean, fresh and smooth skin post-shave.


  • Infused with soft sage and tall grasses for a refreshing, earthy scent

  • Made with a hint of pepper and lime

  • Gives a close shave without the irritation





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