Luxury Barber Proudly Welcomes Astra Blades to Their Variety of Grooming Products


“Astra blades have taken the chore out of shaving since 1950”

astra-bladesLuxury Barber is an online men’s grooming company that takes pride in their growing selection of diverse products.  Astra, the producer of superior double edge steel blades is the most recent addition to the Luxury Barber family of products. Astra blades were originally manufactured in the Czech Republic by Prago Union.  Today, Astra is owned by The Gillette Company and Proctor & Gamble but continues to uphold the legacy of premium razor blades made with the highest quality steel.

Astra blades are commonly used by European barbers for their sharpness and durability. These top of the line blades are long lasting and have the ability to cut effortlessly through every hair type.  As a result of their sharpness, Astra blades reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, razor burn and overall skin irritation, making them an exceptionally great option for those with sensitive skin.  Traditional wet shavers can pair Astra double edge blades with any double edge safety razor in order to achieve a smooth and close shave. Free from pulling and tugging, Astra superior steel blades are perfect for all levels of wet shavers and for every skin and hair type.

Luxury Barber is constantly growing by adding new brands and products to their already extensive repertoire.  With brands like Astra, Luxury Barber continues to search for the most wanted variety of products to appeal to every type of man.

Purchase Astra razor blades at Luxury Barber here.

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