Luxury Barber Selects Balla as Brand of the Month

Balla-Powder-Logo11“Balla Powder for men gives all day, reliable relief from chaffing and clamminess”

Luxury Barber has chosen Balla as the Brand of The Month due to their unequivocal reliability to provide relief for men in the most necessary of times. Use Balla powder in your trousers, on your hands, or even in your shoes, to keep you feeling comfortable, dry and refreshed all day long. Consider it your secret weapon, because once you use it, you’ll never leave home without it.

Luxury Barber carries all three powders: Original, Tingle, and Fragrance-free. Each product is the perfect addition to any man’s everyday grooming routine.  Whether you’re sweating on a hot summer day or need relief after a high intensity workout, these powders will neutralize all odors and tackle irritation on any part of the body.

The Balla Powder Original Formula has a refreshing, masculine oak fragrance to keep you smelling fresh and undeniably clean.  Both the Balla Powder Tingle and Fragrance-free Formula deliver the same excellent results as the Original Formula, but the Balla Tingle contains Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oil to give you an extra cooling sensation you are sure to love.  These products are a perfect complement to Luxury Barber’s own Fresh Richie; a men’s discreet cleansing body wipe.

Balla Powders are a favorite among Luxury Barber customers. Their long lasting results and dependable reliability is why we chose to make Balla the Brand of The Month for July. For a limited time only, purchase any 2 Balla powders during the month of July and receive a Balla Body Spray for FREE!

Purchase Balla products at Luxury Barber today!

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