New Baxter of California Pomade and Shave Tonic Now on Luxury Barber

baxter-of-california-pomade“Baxter of California takes pride in their combination of natural ingredients and cutting edge science to produce the finest grooming products.”

Hallandale, FL (July 14th, 2014) – Luxury Barber the purveyor of fine men’s grooming products adds Baxter of California’s new Shave Tonic and Hard Cream Pomade to their already wide selection of products. Baxter of California is a male grooming company that was founded by Baxter Finley in 1965.  During that time, the company was solely known for their men’s moisturizer called Super Shape.  Since then, Baxter of California has expanded in all directions of men’s grooming and has recently come out with a Shave Tonic and Hard Cream Pomade.

Baxter of California products provide the perfect combination of science and nature, which is apparent in the formulation of the new Shave Tonic.  The Baxter of California Shave Tonic is an invigorating toner that can be used before or after shaving.  This sea foam green Shave Tonic is made with essential oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus and spearmint oil.  These oils combined with menthol and camphor creates the perfect toner to revitalize the skin, remove impurities, and help maintain the skins pH balance. The Baxter of California Shave Tonic also contains aloe extract as well as vitamins E, D and A to ensure the skin is nourished with the necessary moisture and nutrients.

The second addition to the Luxury Barber collection is Baxter of California’s new Hard Cream Pomade.  This Baxter of California pomade lasts for hours yet provides a lightweight feel.  This light pink Hard Cream Pomade gives hair texture with a low sheen finish.  Baxter of California pomade can be applied on damp or dry hair depending on the desired style.

The product selection at Luxury Barber continues to expand as the search continues for the most sought out products and brands.  With additions like Baxter of California’s Shave Tonic and Hard Cream Pomade, Luxury Barber continues to broaden their selection in order to accommodate every type of gentleman.

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