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Bay Rum Shave Cream

by Captains Choice

This bay rum scented shaving cream has been brought to you by two of the leading manufacturers of high performance shaving cream i.e. RazoRock and Captain’s Choice. This shaving cream produces a thick cream which guarantees a close shave free from irritation and razor burns.

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Bay Rum Shaving Cream is manufactured in Italy according to specifications made by Captain’s Choice. One of the ingredients used in the formula include argan oil which is proven to increase the quality of the skin. The pleasing bay rum scent will put a grin on your face and give you that manly feeling which increases your confidence. To use this world class shaving cream, simply start by soaking the brush in warm water for one minute. Drain off excess water and swirl the brush over the shaving cream for at least a minute. Load the lather on the brush and apply the lather on the hairs you want to shave. Shave the hairs following the direction of the grain. Bay Rum Shaving Cream is recommended for all skin types.



  • Bay Rum Shaving Cream makes shaving a whole lot easier and enjoyable. This shaving cream softens and lifts the hairs making it easy to shave.

  • The cream also nourishes your skin by providing nutrients which moisturize and condition the shaved part.

  • Using this cream also reduces cuts and razor burns. The cream basically acts as a barrier which protects the top layer skin from the razor.




Ingredients: Sodium hydroxide, myristic acid, fragrance, water, stearic acid, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide and Argan oil.

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