User Article Guidelines

While the rest of the forums are ideal for short posts, this section is focused on in-depth articles on any subject related to grooming. People who come to this section will be wanting to read articles in order to better their understanding on shaving. We will be enforcing a certain level of quality in these articles to make this a trusted and respectable source of articles.
If you're interested in writing an article please make sure you read the following below first:

To post an article, simply submit it like a regular post in this section. Articles or posts will not be viewable until they are first read and approved.

Article checklist:

1. Please use a good, descriptive title so people know what the article is about.

2. Try to make your article at least 500-1000 words.

3. Articles MUST be written by you! If you are interested in sharing an article written on another site or by another person simply add a link to in the relevant forum section and discuss it there. This section is only for user generated articles.

4. Make sure to use as much detail as possible. The best articles will have reasons, studies, and a lot of detail!

5. Use proper English, capitalization. Messy articles can get confusing.

6. Write often! The more you submit articles, the better they'll become. We'll post the really good articles on the main site's blog and make sure everyone knows who wrote it.

Feel free to comment and reply to articles to continue the discussion. However, no new threads are allowed unless they are a new article.

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