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Alum Block

by Edwin Jagger

This Alum Block from Edwin Jagger is also known as the original antiseptic after shave bar. This bar is useful when you cut yourself when shaving or when you experience redness and razor burns caused by wet shaving. The Alum block is also used to close the skin pores which are usually left open after shaving.

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The Edwin Jagger Alum block is definitely a product that should be in your arsenal of shaving accessories. This block is a natural semitransparent stone which is made up of hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate. When used, the bar arrests bleeding, which is caused by applying too much pressure on the shaving blade. This happens to most of us, if not all of us. The Edwin Jagger Alum Block also eliminates bacteria and dirt by closing up the skin pores as soon as you shave. To use the Edwin Jagger Alum block, apply the bar with cool water and rub it on the shaved area. If you have cuts, it is recommended to run the block under warm water and apply it to the open wounds. Don’t worry yourself about drying as this product will leave your skin smooth.



·         It contains chemical salts which close up the skin pores and heals the cuts caused when shaving

·         The block easily removes rashes and red spots which may be experienced after shaving. This happens when you have a razor which is not suited for your skin or you do not have the necessary shaving experience.


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Contents: 54g / 1.9 Oz

Manufacturer: Edwin Jagger

Made in England

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