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  • buy Edwin Jagger DE86RC14BL Rubber Coated Black Safety Razor at

Double Edge 86RC14B

by Edwin Jagger

This razor features a rubber which is designed for those looking to add more grips when shaving. A firm grip is very important especially when using lather. The rubber also provides enhanced accuracy while shaving.

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Size: 5 oz
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The Edwin Jagger DE86RC14BL Rubber Coated Black Safety Razor is fitted with the DE blade head which is a much talked about product among the shavers. The comb head is designed with high quality chrome plate. This product exemplifies the quality and style combined with a modernized technique and an established craftsmanship. Edwin Jagger is a family which is widely known for its innovation and inspired design. The blade design guarantees a very close shave free from irritation and ingrown hair. This razor also comes with comes with 5 double edged blades to make sure your shaving experience lasts long. The length of the handle is adequately designed with the perfect weight required when shaving.



  • This exceptionally designed safety razor is designed for extra grip. This reduces the chance of cutting yourself by up to 97%.

  • You are guaranteed that this product will last long because there will be no rust on the razor and the blades can be changed after they become blunt.

  • Irritation and ingrown hair will be a thing of the past. This will be as a result if clear line shaving.

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