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Gillette 7 O’clock Razor Blades

by Gillette

These stainless steel Gillette blades set the standard for a close, reliable shave that will undoubtedly make you loyal to their brand. Made in Russia, the Gillette 7 O’clock blades are known to providing a smooth shave with unmatched results.

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Perfect for your favorite double edge razor, these blades work meticulously to remove all facial hair with ease. You can purchase these blades in a 10-pack, 50-pack, 100-pack and 200-pack, depending on your preference.


  • Sharp, stainless steel blades
  • Made in Russia
  • Works perfectly with your double edge razor
  1. Ok razors Review by Ricardo

    I try these razors, and there are ok for beginners. (Posted on 4/8/2016)

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