Kent BLK4 Shaving Brush

  • Kent BLK4 Shaving Brush

BLK4 Shaving Brush

by Kent

With its silvertip badger bristles you are guaranteed an incomparable lather and a smooth even application. The Kent BLK4 shaving brush is perfect for any man who prefers a smaller brush and is a great addition to every wet shave regimen.

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Size: 4
The Kent BLK4 shaving brush has all of the same high-quality features as the BLK12 and the BLK8 but its compact size, makes it especially perfect for travel. Manufactured in England, the Kent BLK4 is made with an iconic reproduction black ivory handle that bears the Kent company logo, and is filled to the brim with the finest silver tipped badger hair.


Made with Silvertip badger bristles for high-quality shave

Produces rich lather and smooth/even application

Perfect size for travel


Silver tipped badger hair

Black reproduction ivory handle

Full Length: 105mm

Flare: 62mm

Bristle: 55mm

Handle Length: 50mm

Handle Width: 33mm

  1. Tad pricey Review by Dale

    Really, really soft. But for this price point, and the size of your knot, there are a fair few other brushes. Whether or not they'll be able to live up to the Kent name...that's another thing! (Posted on 8/11/2014)

  2. Great softness/but pricey Review by Christopher

    The Kent Silvertip brushes have super soft badger hair. The hair is some of the softest I've ever experienced and some people call kent brushes floppy as a result. One man's floppy is another man's luxurious feel however, so please keep this in mind. All in all these brushes are good but I find them to be a little pricey for what you get. For the price I'd rather get a Shavemac, Thater, or Saville Row. (Posted on 7/22/2014)

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