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Bay Rum Aftershave

by Layrite

Made from original bay rum oil, bay rum aftershave refreshes and invigorates your skin after shaving. This closes up the pores which are left open after shaving. If the pores are not closed up, harmful elements may enter the skin causing acne or any other skin diseases.

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Size: 4 oz
Layrite bay rum aftershave comes in an old school glass bottle which is light brown in color. This product guarantees to provide a soothing sensation after shaving. Many men actually dread shaving because of irritation, razor burns and cuts. Layrite bay rum aftershave has a rum scent which has been around for a long time and has been noted to be the most popular scent in shaving. To apply Layrite bay rum aftershave, shake a small amount onto your palm and pat your hands together. Apply the aftershave onto the shaven skin and rub until your palms are dry.



  • Layrite bay rum aftershave provides a cooling and soothing sensation after shaving. It is normal to experience irritation which can be cooled down by this Layrite product.

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin giving the skin space to breathe.

  • Contains skin-protecting antioxidants which eliminate harmful elements from getting into the skin pores.



Ingredients:  SD Alcohol 40, Water, Sucrose, Octacetate, Bay Oil, FD&C Yellow No.5

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