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Grooming Spray

by Layrite

Ask any barber about this grooming spray from Layrite. This spray will not leave your hair stiff and crisp but in fact, the grooming spray will make your hair light making it possible for you to adopt any style imaginable. The spray has that pleasant barbershop store smell which lasts all day.

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Size: 8 oz
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Layrite grooming spray is formulated in a way that makes it a general purpose product. It comes in a light brown plastic bottle to match the Layrite line of products. The spray lasts up to three months depending with how often you use it. You can apply the spray on dumb hair before styling or when your hair is dry. To use Layrite- Grooming spray, apply a generous portion of Layrite Grooming Spray to your hair once it has been towel dried. Using hair dryer, style until dry, then apply your favorite Layrite product.



  • Layrite grooming spray conditions and maintains moisture on your hair. This reduces fly-away tendencies and also adds shine and manageability.

  • Washes off out easily with no sticky residue.

  • Protects the hair from direct sunlight and increases the volume of hair.




Ingredients: Water, SD Alcohol 40, PVP, Fragrance, Yellow #5

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