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Luxury Barber Complete Wet shaving Kit

by Luxury Barber Box

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Discover a new level of smooth, or give the gift of smooth to a loved one. This kit is built to satisfy experts and introduce beginners to the wet shaving experience, a practice rooted in tradition and proven to be the closest shave a man can get.

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This shave kit serves as the perfect introduction to wet shaving, a practice rooted in tradition that provides the closest shave possible. Rio Grande Lavender Shave Cream is a luxurious formula crafted by Col. Conk experts for maximum comfort and protection while the user enjoys a bold, yet therapeutic Lavender scent. Our Luxury Barber Synthetic Shaving Brush is the perfect tool for extracting the fluffiest, most luxurious lather possible. The conversion to one blade shaving usually leaves men feeling cheated by the cartridge companies. The Luxury Barber Shavette will last a life time and provides the real closest shave without the increased irritation and chronic ingrown hairs from multi blade razors. After shaving, you need some nourishment and Soap Commander provides relief and moisture in spades along with a cooling kick of menthol. This truly is a marvelous wet shaving kit that makes the perfect gift for father’s day, graduation, anniversary, birthday, etc.
Benefits: • Reduced chance of ingrown hairs (does not cut beneath skin) • Less blades = less irritation • Replacement blades are universal. • Replacement blades costs fraction of cartridge replacement. • Luxury Barber Shavette will last forever with care. • Shaving brush enhances experience and extends life of shave cream/soaps.

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