Moom For Men Hair Removal System

  • Moom For Men Hair Removal System

MOOM For Men Hair Removal System Kit


Sick of painful waxing? Here’s your solution. MOOM for Men organic hair removal system was made for men with sensitive skin.

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Size: 6 oz
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Traditional waxing can be painful and harmful to your skin. MOOM’s sugaring process leaves your skin feel treated & isn't harsh like waxing. MOOM for Men’s hair removal system can last for up to two months & doesn't leave sticky residues.


Spa approved formula

100% natural and botanical

Sugar base is won’t irritate sensitive skin

Ready to use


Gentle, safe and easy to use


Sugar, Water, Chamomile, Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera, and Boswellia

Kit contains

6oz MOOM for Men sugaring blend

18 reusable fabric strips for men

4 wooden applicators

Instruction manual

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