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Pompadour Paste

by Pall Mall Barbers

If you’re looking for that real London barbershop experience, look no further than this! The Pall Mall Barber Pompadour Paste is just what you need to keep that stylish ‘do in place from morning to night.

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London has a long history of barbershops and what’s more authentic than one located right in the heart of the city? But Pall Mall Barbers is so much more than your average shop – they produce and sell their own range of grooming products so you can duplicate that great look at home. The Pompadour Paste is the perfect product to keep even the most wayward hair in place. Its flexible fiber gum gives a medium to firm hold, separating each strand and adding texture for a natural but tamed look. Hair can be easily manipulated in to the desired style and the luxurious paste imparts an intense shine for a healthy, well-groomed look. And, unlike some pastes, it’s easy to wash out, keeping those follicles unclogged and breathing happy. Even the biggest, baddest pompadours pose no problem for this high performance paste!

Benefits and ingredients

·         Easy to wash out

·         Provides an all-day hold

·         Adds a high intensity shine

·         Allows the hair to be restyled throughout the day

·         Won’t clog hair follicles

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