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PMB Post Shave Balm

by Pall Mall Barbers

This post shave Balm is formulated by Pall Mall Barbers who have all the experience required when it comes to men’s grooming. The main ingredients in this balm are sandalwood and clove. The cooling effect in the balm comes from prickly pear seed oil.

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Size: 3.4 fl oz
This Pall Mall Barber post shave Balm calms and soothes the skin right after shaving. It also contains glycerin that is used to prevent dry skin right after shaving. The balm is particularly very effective on sensitive skin but it can be used on any kind of skin. One other important ingredient in this balm is the antiseptic properties which kills all the bacteria that could get inside the opened pores and cause acne. To use Pall Mall Barber post shave Balm, simply apply the product on the shaved skin immediately after shaving. Rub the aftershave balm until it is deeply absorbed into the skin. This aftershave works great for all skin types.



  • This Post shave Balm from Pall Mall Barbers eliminates discomfort which may be as a result of irritation and dryness of the skin after shaving.

  • It also prevents the occurrence of dark spots as a result of dirt and bacterial infection on the shaved skin.

  • This Balm also improves your general appearance making you look healthy and attractive.


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Size:  100ml e 3.4fl.oz

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