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Cold Spices Cologne

by Phoenix

This Phoenix Accoutrements Cold Spices Aftershave Cologne is infused with menthol and alum for a cooling, invigorating feeling every day.

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Size: 3.5 oz
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Formulated with oranges, aldehydes, sage and clary sage, the smell is reminiscent of Bay Rum with a little extra oomph. Carnation, Cinnamon and Pimento berry give it the spicy kick, while Vanilla and Cedarwood enhance the manly fragrance this Phoenix Cold Spices cologne has. Made specifically for the gentleman who knows what he likes and refuses to compromise quality.


  • Infused with menthol and alum for a cooling feeling

  • Base notes of vanilla and cedarwood

  • Cinnamon and Pimento Berry give a spicy kick



Alcohol, Rose Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Menthol, Alum, Essential/Fragrance Oils

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