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Gondolier Cologne

by Phoenix

Phoenix Accoutrements has blended together a balanced aroma of Jasmine, Juniper, Rose and Cedar for a classic Italian take on the perfect cologne.

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Size: 3.5 oz
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This Gondolier flavor is strong enough to be used as regular cologne and gentle enough to use directly after shaving. Infused with rose water, aloe and glycerin, this cologne will actively work to calm and soothe the skin to reduce inflammation, razor bumps and cuts. Aloe helps aid in the healing process, so you can ensure you will look and feel amazing after using this Gondolier Cologne.


  • Strong enough to use as a cologne and gentle enough to use as aftershave

  • Aloe helps heal cuts and nicks

  • Rose water soothes and balances the skin’s PH levels



Alcohol, Rose Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Menthol, Alum, Essential/Fragrance Oils

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