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Alum Block in Travel Case 90g

by Razorock

Caring for your skin post-shave when you're on the go has never been easier! The RAZOROCK Alum Block in Travel Case 90g is ready to go wherever your life takes you and can help you calm and purify your skin after every shave.

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Size: 90g
Made entirely from potassium alum mineral salts, the RAZOROCK Alum Block brings a traditional men's skin care remedy to the modern male. Alum has long been used as an after shave treatments as it provides skin tightening and purifying benefits while greatly reducing signs of razor burn. The formula can help to prevent the development of ingrown hairs and helps nicks and cuts from the razor stop bleeding more rapidly. Men with oily or acne-prone complexions can also use the alum block as a skin congestion-fighting toner following daily cleansing. The antibacterial properties of alum also make this block a convenient underarm deodorant. The block comes ready for use in a handy white plastic travel case that will fit into any overnight bag.






- Comes in a white plastic travel case for simple packing and storage




- Antibacterial alum reduces the risk of acne breakouts and ingrown hairs




- Relieves redness and inflammation following shaving




- Fights body odors for up to 24 hours by neutralizing bacteria when applied to the underarms





100% natural potassium mineral salts

  1. Works Review by MiKeLOWREY

    Awsome product it def lets you kno where you should ease up on your shave and take your time when shaving so u dont carve yourself up.i droped the block from the sink and it didnot crack,i was very suprised it didn't break into two peices.i barely cut my self shaving but those little nicks jus leave the block on it for a few seconds and it will seal and stop the bleeding.ALLWAYS USE A AFTERSHAVE AFTER YOU USE THE ALUM BLOCK.if your razor gets slippery wet the block and put it in your hands so when u go to pick up ur razor it wont slip out of ur hand thaT being said it helps on little cuts on your hands also. (Posted on 1/14/2017)

  2. Great shaving accessory Review by Justin

    This alum block is such a great value and comes with a great case to store it in. Using this alum block will totally do away with those stupid stiptic matches or sticks. This block helps to close your pores, seals any nicks or cuts and once you're done wiping your face with it wait for it to dry and then rinse off and use your aftershave. This is an unbeatable value. (Posted on 11/19/2016)

  3. essential product! Review by Marc

    This is a great value everyone who shaves needs this. Just wet the block with cold water and glide it across your freshly shaven skin let it set for a few minutes than rinse with cold water to disinfect your skin and seal up any knicks. Just be carefull because block is slippery when wet and the travel case is a must! (Posted on 9/6/2016)

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