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PRO Thickening Conditioner

by Revivogen

Are you looking for a simple way to revitalize your thinning hair? Look no further! With Revivogen Pro Thickening Conditioner, you get an easy application product that can fit into any routine. Like many other conditioners, it only takes a few drops in your routine to make a world of difference. This 8 oz. bottle combats breakage and helps give volume back to those thinning strands.

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Restore the natural shine your hair is missing with Revivogen Pro Thickening Conditioner. This lightweight conditioner leaves your hair feeling young again, and is ideal for fine and thinning hair. Full body and silky smooth, Revivogen Pro Thickening Conditioner softens and strengthens your hair, with its protein enriched moisture, leaving the strands feeling full and clean. Easily apply this amazing product in place of your old, boring conditioner, and give your strands the kick they need, with enough moisture to liven up your weary roots. Revivogen conditioner protects your hair from the elements with menthol, chamomile, sage and peppermint, along with the wheat, silk and soy. You can’t go wrong with this product!


Wheat, silk and soy proteins, menthol, chamomile, sage and peppermint. Sulfate free.



·         Improves hair and scalp conditions for fine hair.

·         Replenishes moisture & strengthens the hair shaft through a moisturizing formula.

·         Adds volume and restores shine, creating thicker, fuller hair

·         Natural proteins protect against premature fallout

·         A lightweight conditioner for thinning hair.

·         Safe for colored or chemically treated hair. 

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