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San Antonio

by Stirling Soap Co.

This unique shaving soap provides an excellent way for shaving. The rich thick lather enables the hairs to lift and soften up in readiness for a close shave. San Antonio has a unique scent which can be compared to that of tamarind but a little more sophisticated. This scent is as a result of a mixture of lemon, lime and chili seeds.

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Stirling San Antonio shaving soap lathers up easily and beautifully. The soap also offers protection from harmful bacteria which may cause infections leading to acne or black spots on your skin. It is made up of natural ingredients such as Almond Oil, Lanolin and Coconut Milk so as to moisturize and provide nutrition to the skin. You can expect a great thick creamy lather when using Stirling San Antonio shaving soap. To get this lather, simply apply warm water on your shave brush for thirty seconds and squeeze off the water. Swirl the brush on the soap until you get a thick lather. Apply the lather on the hairs you need to shave.



  • San Antonio shaving soap provides the razor with a smooth glide which reduces razor cuts and burns.

  • Does not contain any preservatives like other shaving creams. The product contains helpful ingredients which offer nutrients to the skin.

  • Forms a great thick lather which lasts long on the skin. This lather enables the razor to get to the root of the hair.

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