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Lavender Sage Shave Soap

by Stirling Soap Co.

If you are looking for that superior glide from a shaving soap, then you’re lucky you’ve found lavender sage. Lavender sage forms a lather which creates an incredible shaving experience. The mixture of lavender and sage create a unique scent.

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Lavender Sage a modern day product which lathers easily to give you that creamy texture required when shaving. This lather makes the hairs to soften up and ready for shaving. The scent is easily noticeable even before taking of the plastic wrapping, but not in an overwhelming way. To use Lavender Sage, soak the shaving brush in warm water for twenty to thirty seconds. Shake, drain or squeeze out the excess water from the brush so as to avoid having a thin frosty lather. Swirl the brush rapidly around the soap for a minute or two until a thick creamy lather starts to form. After that, apply the shaving lather on the brush onto your face. Lavender Sage is recommended for all skin types.



  • Using Lavender Sage translates to fewer razors dragging and skipping. A thick lather lifts up the hairs for an easy shave.
  • The hairs become soft and ready to be shaved easily without any damage to the skin. The best thing about the lather is that it does not need to be rubbed into the skin
  • Lather makes the razor glide easily over the face reducing the number of strokes required in shaving the facial hairs.

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