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  • Suavecito Shaving Creme
  • Suavecito Shaving Creme

Shaving Creme

by Suavecito

It’s time for a shaving crème that’s as protective as it is rich. Simple to apply, just dip your fingers in, rub the crème on your beard, and let your hair soak it up. Soon, your beard will be soft to the touch and ready for a trim. Made with a light aroma, you can enjoy the scent that comes with a refreshing shave.

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Size: 8 fl. oz.
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Great for sensitive skin, this shaving crème keeps you protected and soothes your skin for a close shave. Enjoy an almost effortless shave without the harshness soap brings your skin. Applying without a brush makes the whole ritual even easier.


Brushless shaving crème

Great for sensitive skin

Softens hairs and whiskers

Has with a pleasant scent


Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Lanolin, Propylene Glycol Stearate, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragrance, D&C Red No. 9, Sodium Borate

  1. Good for brushless Review by Mike

    I havent tried a ton of brushless creams, but out of the 4-5 I have, this is hands down the best, and one of the cheapest. I keep it in my travel set (Posted on 11/8/2014)

  2. Fantastic for that price point Review by Richard S

    I was first introduced to the Suavecito brand through their hair styling products. When I later saw that they also carried a shaving cream I had to try it out (that reasoning may explain the 40-50 soaps I have on my shelves :)).
    Now, I didn't think a $8 brushless cream would be as amazing as others, more expensive ones, that I've tried - but, it holds it own very well.
    Others have mentioned it's a great 'keep it in my toiletry bag' for the gym, travels, etc and I think that's a great idea because this cream does allow you to skip the brush yet still be able to shave with a product that gives adequate protection and cushioning.
    The scent is not very strong but I don't mind that. (Posted on 11/6/2014)

  3. Cheap and easy Review by William

    It's hard to find a good wet shaving product from a well known manufacturer for less than $15 but this shave cream is exactly that. Suavecito has great glide and that nice cushy protective feeling you want when shaving.

    For $8 you get a tub of brushless cream that is easy to use and works amazingly well. Keep this in your travel bag and leave the brush at home or toss it in your vanity drawer for those days when you just don't have time to work up a lather with on your own. (Posted on 10/20/2014)

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