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Cinder Aftershave Oil

by The Blades Grim

If you like the outdoors, you are sure to love this product. The Cinder Aftershave Oil is United States born product, designed to add that finished effect to your shaving ritual. The bottled masculinity that the Cinder Aftershave has to offer is designed to bring the wonder of the outdoors to your face, without all the added work.

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If the flowery scent isn’t your favorite, try this Cinder Aftershave Oil by The Blades Grim. Enjoy the embers of an after shave with this much loved scent, coupled with the non-alcohol base. The dark, tangy mix of bergamot, fir, lemon and geranium, matched with the wood, musk and leather is specially formulated to provide the clean feeling of a shave and comfortable conclusion. This after shave will help calm your freshly shaven skin, with only 3 or 4 drops to do the job. To apply, gently rub the oil evenly into the area you just shaved. Since there is no alcohol, the burning sensation isn’t as strong, and due to the added glycerin ingredient, the moisturization leaves the skin smooth. End irritation with the aloe vera juice ingredient, in cahoots with the witch hazel, which battles skin ailments to leave you healthy. Be sure to shake thoroughly before using since the glycerin makes the product milky, and bask in the dazzling aroma of the Cinder Aftershave Oil.


Aloe Vera Juice

Witch Hazel Distillate


Polysorbate 20

Optiphen (Preservative).

Oil Fragrance: Cinder



·         Aloe Vera heals irritating consequences of shaving.

·         Softens skin at the end of any shaving ritual.

·         Glycerin removes clogged pores while moisturizing skin.

·         Witch Hazel fights skin ailments.

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