THE HOFF KIT with Baxter

THE HOFF KIT with Baxter

by Luxury Barber

Regular Price $71.00

Special Price $60.00

The Hoff Pack with Baxter provides the essentials for a gentleman to remain well groomed. This exclusive Luxury Barber kit includes The Luxury Barber Hoff razor with matching stand, 10 pack of Croma Diamant German made blades, Baxter of California shave cream, and Fresh Richie men's wipes.

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Regular Price $71.00

Special Price $60.00

We put this kit together for the wet shavers that frequently travel. We paired a travel razor with a lather-less cream for a comfortable shave away from home, no additional tools necessary. The main attraction in this kit is The Hoff razor and its matching stand. At 3 inches, it is elegantly designed for traveling convenience but provides just as much comfort ability at home. It offers a detailed and accurate shave to even the most meticulous wet shaver. Combined with the included ten-pack German made Croma Diamant blades, The Hoff provides the closest shave possible. Also included in this grooming package is the Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula. This shave cream gives shavers a soothing protective barrier between the skin and blade for an invigorating, irritation-free shave. With natural botanical extracts such as tea tree and peppermint, it delivers relief from nicks and cuts. An added bonus to The Hoff Pack with Baxter is Fresh Richie adult body wipes. Staying fresh on the go isn't the easiest task, but Fresh Richie flushable, discreet wipes offer a solution for every gentleman to be always fresh, always ready. Together this package offers a complete grooming routine fit for the image conscious gentleman.

The Hoff Razor with stand $39.99 

10 pack Croma Diamant German made blades $4.95

Baxter of California Shave Cream $16

Fresh Richie $9.95  

Safety razor handle & stand made in India.

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