THE KLASSIKER PACK with Castle Forbes

THE KLASSIKER PACK with Castle Forbes

by Luxury Barber

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The Klassiker Kit provides men with a coveted classic shave that is great from the beginner to the experienced. This kit includes The Klassiker razor with matching stand, a 10 pack of Croma Diamant German made blades, Castle Forbes Cedar & Sandalwood shave cream, and Fresh Richie men's wipes.

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The larger handle of the Klassiker double edged razor makes it perfect for those with larger hands to find a more comfortable shave. A collectible in its own right, it also comes equipped with a matching stand an a 10 pack of Croma Diamant German made blades. Paired with the Castle Forbes Cedar & Sandalwood Essential Oil Shaving Cream, you’ll receive a closer shave as well as a lingering crisp, manly scent. The Fresh Richie men’s wipes are an added bonus for a clean body wherever life takes you.

The Klassiker razor with stand $29.99

10 pack Croma Diamant German made blades $4.95

Castle Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood Shaving Cream $38.00

Fresh Richie $9.95 

Safety razor handle & stand made in India.

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