THE KONIG PACK  with Gentlemens Refinery

THE KONIG PACK with Gentlemens Refinery

by Luxury Barber

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The Luxury Barber elite Konig Kit is for the gentleman who would like to have a lavish shaving experience fit for royalty. This kit conveniently comes equipped with The Konig razor, matching stand, 10 pack of Croma Diamant German made blades, The Gentlemen's Refinery shave cream, and Fresh Richie men's wipes.

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The Konig chrome finished and black designed double edged razor is the best invention for wet shavers. Its closed tooth style provides users with a close shave without irritation and its thicker handle makes grip and balance sturdy and consistent. With its matching stand you'll never have to worry about appropriate storage. This kit comes ready to shave with a 10 pack of Croma Diamant German made blades. It is an excellent match for The Gentlemen’s Refinery Shave Cream’s thicker lather in order to reduce the frequency of nicks and cuts. An added bonus to the kit is Fresh Richie. No man should feel anything less than refreshed and with Fresh Richie you are able to stay clean using flushable, discreet wipes. Together, the Konig Kit gives you three exclusive products to enhance your grooming routine.

The Konig razor with stand $44.99

10 pack Croma Diamant German made blades $4.95

The Gentlemen’s Refinery Shave Cream $28 

Fresh Richie $9.95 

Safety razor handle & stand made in India.

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