The Gentlemens Refinery Standard Pre Shave Oil

  • The Gentlemens Refinery Standard Pre Shave Oil
  • The Gentlemens Refinery Standard Pre Shave Oil


by The Gentlemen's Refinery

Preparing for a seamless shave is an essential part of the grooming process and finding the right pre-shave product can be a tedious process. The Gentlemen’s Refinery Pre Shave Oil is specially formulated to provide protection to the skin no matter the beard and skin type. It contains certified organic ingredients to prepare the skin for the best shave while promoting optimal skin health. This pre shave oil is made with sunflower seed and jojoba oil, providing your skin with moisture during and after the shaving process.

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The antiseptic agents in this Gentlemen’s Refinery product aids in curing cuts and acne as well. The calming chamomile necessary in a pre-shave oil will soothe any rashes or irritation that may occur during the shaving process and the vitamins helps to heal those affected areas. With these beneficial ingredients, Gentlemen’s Refinery Pre Shave Oil is a must-have for men who wish to create a healthy, long term shaving regimen. Shaving in excellence begins with a quality pre shave.


Promotes skin health

Sunflower seed and jojoba oil keeps skin hydrated

Contains organic ingredients

Roman Chamomile Soothes rashes and irritation

Tones and heals skin 


*Heliannus annus (Sunflower) seed oil, *Buxus chinenses (Jojoba) oil, *Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) oil, Alpha-beta-gamma-delta-tocopherols –Vitamin E, *Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile)

  1. Well worth it Review by Neil

    I'm not hugely in love with The Standard's shaving cream, but their pre-shave oil is worlds different. I just can't get enough of this stuff, a little bit rubbed into your facial hair makes your shave night and day. All you need is a very small amount and it works wonders. I really like the way it dispenses. Generally you get pretty scared its just going to overload you, but it gives you a perfect amount that you're able to massage in and get the job done. (Posted on 8/12/2014)

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