WSP Large "Stubby" High Maintain White Shaving

  • WSP Large "Stubby" High Maintain White Shaving

LARGE STUBBY High Mountain White Shaving Brush

by WSP

Picture our 33mm high-density, Monarch knot. Now imagine increasing the amount of hair by 20%, and you got yourself the Large "Stubby" Shaving Brush. This plush brush brings shaving to a whole new level of luxury. Not only does the Large “Stubby” hold up to 20% more hair than our high-density knots, it also contains up to 50% more than our competitors.

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Size: 3 Oz
Our brand new faux horn acrylic handle and its revamped shape and design gives off a high-class air and is packed to the brim with the rarest and most deluxe badger hair. While the Large "Stubby" is characterized by its strong backbone, it is also distinguished by its velvety soft touch.


 20% more hair than our HD knots

Refined faux horn acrylic handle

Velvety surface combined with firm body for comfortable yet effective use



Extra Dense Knot: 26mm

Loft: 52mm

Handle Height: 44mm 

Crafted from the most luxurious & rarest badger hair

Assembled in the USA 

  1. Worth the cash! Review by Chris

    Presoaking the brush in hot water while showering and then preparing the soap and allowing the brush to do its work is an amazing feeling....the warm feel of the brush as you lather up your face actually makes shaving an enjoyable task!

    I have been using this almost daily for several months now and to my knowledge I have not lost a single bristle. The High Mountain Silvertip Badger hair is extremely soft and lathers well and shakes out to dry easily.

    Highly recommended to those that won't to experience a truly soothing lather before the shave. (Posted on 8/9/2014)

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